About us

Our mission is to create the next generation classroom

Educamy was born on January 2013 from a vision shared by its two co-founders. We believe that the next generation classroom is yet to be fully achieved and we also think that tablets in conjunction with other elements like digital pens and electronic white boards, together with the power of the Cloud, are going to make possible this vision.

Meet the team

Antonio Evora Gala

Antonio was born in Tenerife, Spain, 27 years ago. He studied Computer Science and is the CEO of Educamy. He is a passionate of entrepreneurship and has always believed that there is a lot to do to bring technology into the classrooms space.

Ruben Rodriguez Santiago

Ruben was born in Leon, Spain, and he is 25 years old. He studied Computer Science and is the CTO of Educamy. He believes that new technologies can actually improve education and how children learn today.